Brazilian Creative Club Festival – Re-Reborn

New ideas get old faster and faster. So, for the 2017 Brazilian Creative Club Festival, we took over São Paulo with a campaign that is reborn every second. Using an exclusive algorithm, we developed mutant posters that could not be seen more than once. Unless you wait 55.156.868.340.943.680.584.000.952.240.776.864.864.296.968.000.496.704.112.424.744.392.864.416.792.304.688.736.280.096.304.784.536.952.376.872.624.376 years. And trust me, I didn't randomly type all these numbers.

"Everything is getting old so fast I saw this idea before seeing it."

"New ideas are only new the first time they're new."

"I already had this idea tomorrow."


This is how the grid system works:


And this is the video that launched the campaign. We turned the grid into a countdown to a Re-Reborn.