Nike Football / Corinthians is Unexplainable

Corinthians's classic colors are black and white. Not blue. Definitely not blue. So when Nike asked us to launch a blue Corinthians jersey, we did what the team itself has done a thousand times before: we flipped the finger to logic. After all, when you look at all these incredible and unexplainable moments in Corinthians's history, launching a blue jersey seems reasonable.



"We're reason's worst enemy.
When our team steps in, logic steps out, statistics give way and reality distorts.
We have crowds that invaded stadiums in the other side of the world.
Kicks that turned walls into dust.
Giants that covered the whole goal with only their fingertips.
Heroes that created democracy during a dictatorship.
Here's a club with idols and deeds that are beyond most people's comprehension.
Here's a club that terrifies even the bravest ones.
And the new jersey is no different.
Made by a bunch of crazies.
To understand Corinthians you have to be one of us.
Corinthians is Unexplainable."

Social posts:

"How did that ball miss the goal?"

Copy: 23/05/2012. 64' 40''. The ball betrayed us for a few seconds and was free for the opposing team. During those eight suffocating seconds, nothing was between our goalkeeper and the rival. The pressure grew, but the great wall stood its ground. America became a little more black and white. Unexplainable.

"How did he do that at the king's temple?"

Copy: 11/02/1996. 66'. The whole stadium held its breath until the ball came back to the ground. One dribble. One kick. The move lasted less than two seconds. But there it was: a masterpiece. Unexplainable.

"How did we win over The Phenomenon?"

Copy: 08/03/2009. 47'. The whistle was blown and the corner kick was taken. The ball floated over the Goalie Box, as if it were searching for the chosen one. Everyone tried to touch the ball, but it seemed to be destined to Ronaldo, The Phenomenon. From his head to the goal. From the goal to the fence. From the fence to history. Unexplainable.